Sizing Guide | How to Measure your Wrist

Making sure it fits just right and comfortably is essential!

All our bracelets are stretchable, make sure to order the same size as your measurement for a good fit. 
Ordering larger or smaller will result in incorrect bracelet size.

To get the correct size of the bracelet measure your wrist at the smallest part of the wrist between the hand and the wrist bone, or where you would wear the bracelet.
You DO NOT need to ADD ANYTHING to get your bracelet's size.
We will make the bracelet whit a bit of extra space for comfortable fit.
To measure your wrist you can use a flexible measuring tape, or a string and a ruler. Just wrap the tape/string around your wrist, as described above and then measure it against the ruler. The tape/string should be snug but not tight.
Cut the string and lay it flat on the ruler to measure it.