Cleansing Your Crystals

There are different ways to cleanse your bracelets. So here are some ways that you can follow!
First and foremost, it is advisable to cleanse the bracelet the moment you receive it. This helps to remove any residue energy from anyone handling it prior. You can choose to cleanse it as and when you think it is appropriate to do so as negative energy can be accumulated over time :)
Use natural water such as rainfall or mineral water instead of tap water
Tap water might have unknown chemicals added which may affect the properties of the crystals
Lay your crystals/stones on a selenite tower or plate overnight to 'charge' it
This does not require any additional steps to cleanse as the selenite auto does its job on cleansing your crystals
You can try the method of burning sage, otherwise known as smudging to clear stagnant energy from the crystal bracelets
All you need to do is burn the sage around the crystals in circular motion
Lay It Out In The Moonlight
Lay your crystals somewhere dry or by the window under the moonlight
Full moon is usually the best time to do it as it has a better effect in cleansing
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